Saturday, 26 July 2014


NARA´s NOOK What a nice blogging. I hope you send a short story to the contest at Written Weird. Thank you much ...

Friday, 18 July 2014


Just a short "summer update": All is done and running fine.

100s of trees are already planted. When the planters area is full, a fresh one is rezzed and the old one is kept safe. The trees planted by visitors from the HG safari will stay until the end of 2014 Santorini Biennale as this was the first tour to DREAMT FOREST ever. Feel free to visit the installation via "hyperjump" whenever you like. In September there will be another visit on a guided tour. Just send an email to info [at] with "tour request" to get on the list. There is all you need published. Just follow the links ...

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Grand Opening

Opening, Santorini, July 5th, 20.00

I had to stay quiet on my contribution until the opening. These are the rules. Look out for my video.
Liliana Papadopoulou

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

2014 Santorini Biennale

The 2014 Santorini Bienniale got 1,668 applications. I am one of 56 creations happy of being selected. A chance to be noticed even if it might happen only for a few days. I could have been also one of the 1,612 still waiting for a chance. Often it is luck, often it is hard work. Sometimes it is just the right time. I dont know, maybe it was luck as so many artists work hard to bring a message of PEACE into the world.

"Into the world" I write. My world is a digital one. I, Navah Dreams, life in the computer and create a world of PEACE there. A world of a dream. Visit my world and plant a tree. One tree for each artist who applied to bring the theme PEACE MECHANISMS to Santorini and from there to the world.

Maybe you never have entered such a world, called also "a grid". Don´t hesitate to try. It takes a little time to get the tricks. Nevertheless the world I use is quite easy to start with. You need a programm, "a 3D viewer" and a name - lets call this name an "Avatar" - and then you visit the world as an "Avatar". Often such a visitor is a shining person, a model, a hit you may say. An Avatar can also look like a warrior or a dragon. I decided for a peacefull looking. See the herbalist I created. Isn´t she a beauty? Isn´t she a dream? A true messenger of PEACE?

For you as first time visitor of DREAMT FOREST I decided to make you simple, to let you look as the very first Avatars looked as the technology was invented in the year 2003. Such a person is called a "n00b" [other words: newbe, noob]. The dream shall happen inside you, "the n00b". A n00b can be a planter. A planter of a tree. A n00b can move up to become a gardener, or a herbalist, or ... There are so many options in a dream.

You may come more often to the tree you planted and see the changes of the world. "Speak" with the tree, water it, touch it so it gets more leaves and when you are happy then call me Navah Dreams, or a gardener to bring your tree to my world, to DREAMT FOREST to become a part of the world. Maybe your tree shows an owl? A lucky message. Tell me of it and I have a surprise for you.

My world can be reached by my private "DREAMT FOREST" grid or via hyperjump from a public grid, like Metropolis, Francogrid or OSgrid. I provide information about my private grid as this is my contribution for the 2014 Santorini Biennale on a video. The public grids offer more and different themes, kids shall be guided there. My world is like a protected playground. Open for everyone to look around, to plant a tree or just to sit in the sun and listen to the birds and the waterfall ... For action there are other grids. To find out how to move into action is my contribution not made for. My contribution is to rest, to dream.

Instructions to dream the DREAMT FOREST dream you get at

Navah Dreams [DREAMT FOREST, made with the help of friends]